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South Staffordshire Work Clubs: Provision Of IT Support Tender Brief



This brief outlines the requirements of South Staffordshire Work Clubs for the provision to IT Support at the network of work clubs across the South Staffordshire district. The brief begins with an outline to the background of the work clubs followed by a description of the scope of the IT support that is required. This is followed by a description of the deliverables we need from the support, timescales for delivery and the form of tender we need bidders to follow.


South Staffordshire Work Clubs were created in 2011 to support those furthest from the labour market to move closer to and into sustained employment. Since 2013, the Work Clubs have grown into community hubs offering a range of services including free access to laptops and Wi-Fi.

The Big Lottery is using its own resources to match against European Union (EU) funding to create a fund aimed at delivering against the ‘Promoting Social Inclusion and Combating Poverty’ part of the current European Social Fund (ESF) programme, launched in 2015. The funding will be delivered in the Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) area according to local priorities through three relatively small but highly targeted, projects. Business Enterprise Support (BES) has been awarded £2.3m to work with 15 delivery partners (although this may vary from time to time) to deliver the programme in the South Staffordshire District Council and Stafford Borough Council areas. South Staffordshire Work Clubs is one of the partners.

Scope of IT provision

To provide IT support at South Staffordshire Work Clubs according to the timetable below, to include half hour prior and post session to set up/ pack up equipment and attend session update briefings.

  • Codsall Weekly on a Thursday 10-12
  • Wombourne Weekly on a Tuesday 10-12
  • Featherstone Weekly on a Friday 10-12
  • Great Wyrley Fortnightly on a Friday 2-4
  • Penkridge Fortnightly on a Tuesday 2-4
  • Huntington Fortnightly on a Monday 9.30-11.30
  • Perton 1st & 3rd Thursday of every month 2-4

*These may be subject to change, depending on demand.


The Work Clubs run throughout the year, only closing for two weeks over Christmas.

IT provision to include;

* Supporting clients to access online services

* Supporting clients to create email addresses and manage their email accounts

* Supporting clients to create and maintain Universal Job Match and Universal Credit accounts

* Support and empower clients to be able to job search independently using a range of search engines and websites

* Register clients on ‘Learn My Way’ and monitor progression

* Supporting clients to access and attain accredited training

* Manage and Maintain IT equipment belonging to South Staffs Work Clubs

* Record client activity in designated CRM system.


* To update CRM system on a daily basis with registers and client activity

* To deliver basic IT skills and support to a minimum of 25 clients every quarter

* To support 60 clients to access accredited training by the end of the project.

* To provide quarterly reports of numbers of clients seen and details of their progression and achievements – two case studies should be provided as evidence.

* To provide an annual report each December of the contract detailing the support provided and targets met.


The budget is capped at £21,750 per annum including all expenses and including VAT.

Form of Tender

Your tender should comprise;

* A statement of your understanding of our needs in terms of this brief;

* Timetable for the delivery of both the quarterly and annual reports

* Overall price of the contact

* Breakdown of costs per Work Club, mileage and any other expenses

* A track record of delivery of work of this type. You must include at least three examples of case studies (each no more than 300 words)

* Brief CV’s of all staff to be involved in this contract setting out their experience and qualifications relevant to the contract

* At least two referees

* Identification of any added value that you feel you can bring to this contract.

* Evidence of Public Liability and Indemnity Insurance.

Submission Deadline

The deadline for submission is 12 noon, 12th May 2017.

Your tender envelope must be marked DO NOT OPEN – South Staffordshire Work Clubs IT Provision Tender.

Your tender should be submitted to:

Michelle Kettles, Benefit Manager, South Staffordshire Council, Council Offices, Wolverhampton Road, Codsall WV8 1PX

Interviews, should they be required, will be held on the afternoon of 24th May 2017 in Codsall.

Please direct any enquiries about the tender to Jenny Kirkby on 07932 100 323.

Invitation to Tender Award Criteria

Scoring of tenders will be in accordance with the following criteria

Scope of Provision 35%

Knowledge & Experience 35%

Price 30%

Scope of provision

The submission demonstrates a clear ability to deliver the provision required in sections 3 and 4.


The submission must demonstrate the experience of previous delivery in the areas set out in section 3. The submission must also demonstrate knowledge of external training providers and the requirements to gain accreditation.


The submission demonstrates value for money based on a combination of the price charged for the services delivered and the completeness of the service in relation to the deliverables.

More points will be allocated to submissions that demonstrate a lower price but which also address all of the points set out at section and 3 and 4 above.