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How exciting!  You’re beginning to turn your business dream into a reality.  All those ideas have been buzzing around your head and now it’s time to actually make it happen.

So how exactly can you get the initial funding that you need to start your business?

For small business startups, there are sometimes financial grants available.  Often though, the quickest way for a small business to get the capital it needs to start trading is with a small business startup loan.

Rather than going to see the bank manager, and attempting to explain your ambitious, enterprising schemes to someone who is perhaps characteristically, financially cautious, why not give yourself a head start with support from like-minded entrepreneurs?

The easiest way for you to get a small business startup loan is with help from Business Enterprise Support (BES).  BES is a non-profit organisation who have more than 30 years’ experience in supporting new business startups.  In addition to that, BES are the Midlands partner to Virgin Startup Loans*.  So, if your new small business is based in Birmingham, Nottingham, Derby, Leicester or surrounding areas you won’t get more comprehensive support for a small business Virgin Startup loan from anyone else.

Virgin Startup Loans for Small Businesses

Small business startup loans from Virgin Startup1 are a government backed scheme to support entrepreneurship.  Their objective is to help new businesses succeed, so with £500 to £25,000 available for a loan term of up to five years, their assistance could be invaluable.

The reason that small businesses using BES Virgin Startup loans are so successful is because of the level of experience and coaching that is integral to the scheme.

The preparation and planning needed in the first few months of a business are vital to its long-term success.  That’s no reason to hold you back if business plans and figures are not your strong point.  BES have a team of enterprise coaches who work with you to develop your business plan and guide you through the small business startup loan application process to access the funding you need.

After successfully obtaining your small business startup loan the mentoring continues for at least another year.  You will have a mentor assigned to listen to your ideas, give you honest feedback and suggest practical ways in which you can learn from common mistakes rather than making your own.  BES entrepreneur coaches are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, business professionals who share your drive to grow small businesses.

To check that you qualify for the Virgin startup loan or to find out other ways that BES can get your business get off to a flying start, get in touch.  Phone: 0845 678 7826 or email: