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Chief Executive Officer

About Me:
I have been Chief Executive Officer of BES since 2006.  I have a practical, common sense attitude and believe success cannot be achieved alone.  I value my staff who are hard-workers and also the various people who work in partnership with me and my company.  I have been involved in the Enterprise ‘movement’ for over 20 years, firstly in the mid-eighties working at a private training company in Stoke-on-Trent, Quantum Business Services who had contracts to deliver start-up programmes across the West Midlands and North Derbyshire areas.

In 1990, I worked at the Staffordshire Development Association, an enterprise agency which was part of Staffordshire County Council.  As a member of the Business Development Team, I supported, advised and trained new businesses across Staffordshire.

In 1997, I joined BES, taking responsibility for the start-up and business development contracts.  I became CEO in 2006 when the company’s future was uncertain.  Within two years, with the aid of my team, we turned the company into a profitable and sustainable organisation.

I am married to John who runs his own small commercial vehicle body manufacturing company in North Staffordshire.  I am actively involved in the business which gives me practical experience and keeps my feet on the ground.

I am a Board member of the Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, taking the lead for social enterprise.

I am also a Governor at Portland School and Specialist College in Blythe Bridge.

My passion is Stoke City Football Club!  An avid supporter and season ticket holder for numerous years, I also frequent many away games.  I have also got a holiday booked whatever the time of year!

Best piece of advice I’ve ever received:
Be nice to people when you are on the way up because you might meet them on your way down.

The biggest challenge I’ve overcome:
Turning BES, some years ago, into a profitable company when we found we were in a negative situation.

What I’d put in Room 101:
People who try to be somebody different to what they actually are.

Favourite food:
North Staffordshire oatcakes of course! Filled with bacon and cheese.

Favourite joke:
What does Miley Cyrus have for Christmas dinner?  Twerky!