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The Great British Bake Off – Five Things To Consider If You Are Starting Your Own Bakery Business

Us Brits love a good baked product. From pies to pasties, cakes to crumbles, we can’t get enough of them. And with the return of the Great British Bake Off that interest is set to rocket again.

And where there is demand there is the chance for a business to earn a decent crust – but there are some key things you need to think about if you are to prove to be a success and not end up with egg on your face.

Who are you catering for?

Finding your niche is important in any business but with the explosion in popularity in baking standing out is more important than ever. Knowing the market in your area, how it is already served and how that fits with your passion is key. However, while it is important to have that in mind before you get started, you must also be prepared to change if demand requires you too.

Timing is everything.

Baking is all about timing – and being on top of how you are spending the few hours we are given in the day can be the difference between success and failure.

I have seen business plans that have got the maths so wrong that they were giving themselves just a couple of hours of sleep a day! Make sure you are prepared for early mornings, long days and a lot of preparation time. Baking a single cake is one thing – baking dozens is quite another.

Proper preparation prevents poor performance

Being on the wrong side of the law is going to scupper your business before it even starts – and could lead to some serious consequences. At least a month before opening you must contact your local authority as environmental health will need to inspect your premises and kitchen. There are also a whole list of other things you need to consider from a legal standpoint which you can find here.

Cleanliness is next to godliness

While it isn’t a legal requirement a food hygiene certificate is something that will give you, and your customers, peace of mind. There are many businesses that offer training, however, it is best to contact your local authority to find out if they run any formal courses. You can find more information on food hygiene here and here.

Get your staff to rise to challenge

Staffing is always an issue for any new business but there are particular things to think about when it comes to a business relying on baked goods. Demand will come in short, spiky spells and you need to make sure you are ready for this. Make sure you have adequate staff to deal with your busy periods and structure shifts so that you are never short at your busy periods.


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