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It’s no surprise that you’re considering starting a business in Birmingham. After all, Birmingham is experiencing some of the most impressive productivity increases in the UK.

Starting a business in Birmingham
We can help you start your new business in Birmingham today!

In fact, it’s also a good time to get help starting a business in Birmingham as there is particular focus on boosting the Midlands to be an ‘engine of growth’ for the UK.

So right now is the opportune time to exploit all the support available for starting a business in Birmingham.

However, even though Birmingham is a wise choice to start a business, actually going from idea to implementation is another matter.

Important processes need to be put in place before your business can officially begin trading.  Where will you get your cash injection to set-up? How will you gather enough equipment or materials? Where can you find customers without funds for advertising?

Thankfully there’s a support service that’s got your back. Here at Business Enterprise Support we live and breathe business start-ups for Birmingham.

So here’s how we can help you start a business in Birmingham, with 3 key ways:

Dedicated Start-Up Support worth £5,000

The Start & Grow programme is ideal for providing help starting a business in Birmingham as all the support is tailored to each individual need; much like a personal business advisor.

Any concerns, questions or advice you require over starting a business in Birmingham will be answered by a personal mentor, not just in general, but based on your particular situation, area, finance and specific legislations or requirements for your industry.

The Start & Grow programme also provides additional workshops and training courses to increase your success rates in starting your Birmingham business, with hands-on support to help you identify and apply for funding and grants.

With a one-to-one consultation with an experienced business coach, your business idea will be expertly reviewed and clear next steps will be set out to develop and reach a professional business plan.

The support doesn’t just end when your business starts either; with the Start & Grow programme, you benefit from THREE years’ of free mentoring and support as well as THREE years’ free membership to BES Entrepreneurs Club where you can book on to masterclasses or expand your network.

All the support provided has been estimated at a worth of around £5,000 if you were to access the same support elsewhere.

The great thing about the Start & Grow programme, is that it supports people that are determined to start a business in Birmingham, but also a business that will create additional jobs. Does this sound like your business plan?

Of course, if you are serious about making your Birmingham start-up business a success, then you will also be:

  • fully engaged in the business as the owner
  • expecting to boost the business with a loan or grant
  • looking to have the business trading for at least three years
  • creating at least one additional job with the business
  • happy to commit to the Start & Grow package with £100+ VAT contribution [fee waived with access to StartUp Loan]

By meeting these requirements, you can then use the Start & Grow programme to access valuable and pro-active support to start your business in Birmingham.

If you think you could be eligible for this help starting a business in Birmingham, drop your details to us on our Start & Grow page and get one step closer to your start-up aspiration.

Start-Up Funding from £500 – £25,000

There is one thing every business needs to get started in Birmingham and that’s… financing.

You may not require much, or it may be that you require a decent amount to purchase equipment and capital items; but either way, your business needs to operate effectively and efficiently to be able to provide the necessary services to customers and to survive the first few rocky months of a start-up.

Business Enterprise Support (BES) are the delivery partners for Virgin StartUp, which is part of the Government-backed startup loan programme. So that means we can help you access loan funding to start your business in Birmingham.

If you need that cash boost to get your business started in Birmingham, then the Virgin StartUp programme can provide you with loan funding from £500 – £25,000 that is repayable over 1-5 years and at a low interest rate of 6.19% APR (6% fixed).

To increase your chances of success in securing this start-up loan, we will work with you to:

  1. Put together a robust business plan and financial forecast using a simple, but effective planning method
  2. Match you with your personal Virgin Mentor for unlimited professional advice
  3. Provide support and advice for the first 12 months of trading to keep your business on track

As always, we need to make sure your serious about starting a business in Birmingham, so to do this we ask that you meet the following criteria:

  • Are at least 18 years old and a UK resident
  • Have a start-up idea that will base your business in Birmingham
  • Can provide your national insurance number, address for the last 3 years and bank details for the funding allocation

Sound simple enough? Well, with the added bonus of a business plan and a financial forecast that details how you can make the necessary repayments whilst generating a profit, you can be confident that you can finally realise your dreams of being a successful Birmingham business-owner.

To see how others used Virgin StartUp loan funding to help start a business in Birmingham, or to have someone contact you about accessing a loan, visit our Virgin StartUp web page.

Reliable Help Starting a Business in Birmingham

If the idea of starting a business in Birmingham has appealed to you for quite some time now, but you’ve just not had the finances or support to start your plan to be a business-owner, now is the time.

With many people already finding their success stories through the incredible support and effective funding available from BES, you too can turn your simple start-up idea into one of Birmingham’s profitable businesses.

For more advice, visit our website; Start Your Business in Birmingham or contact BES today.